ATINATI is a non-profit, charitable foundation created to promote Georgian art and culture. Foundation ATINATI operates as a media platform ATINATI.COM and as a cultural centre ATINATI'S.

ATINATI literally means “the first ray of light that permeates darkness,” or figuratively speaking, “the first item of knowledge, clarity”. ATINATI promotes representatives of the art field and reveals their work to the world. It manifests local art, fashion, architecture, literature, theatre, film, and a variety of cultural realms via its media platform.

The international media platform offers a digital source of information, where readers and viewers have an opportunity to learn about Georgia’s historical and modern realities through ATINATI channels (Webpage, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube ). The online media platform was established in 2020 and managed to reach out to more than 4 million persons during its first year of operation. The webpage contains up to 500 videos and articles. ATINATI's target audience comprises people of all ages and professions. To meet the interests of diverse audiences, the digital content draws together the fine arts, architecture, archaeology, music, film, theatre, literature, fashion and photography.

ATINATI's creative team unites more than 80 professionals, including editors, artists, designers, graphic designers, translators, cameramen, video and sound directors, photographers and musicians. They produce content on a weekly basis and compose musical scores for each individual video (more than 70 works have been produced by Erekle Getsadze, Nika Amirejibi and Nika Fasuri). ATINATI strictly protects intellectual rights.

ATINATI cooperates closely with both public and private institutions.

ATINATI's greatest asset is its sizable group of contributors, who are essentially the movers and shakers behind modern-day cultural transformations in Georgia. (Ketevan Kintsurashvili, Khatuna Khabuliani, Ketevan Shavgulidze, Aka Morchiladze, Dato Turashvili, Marika Didebulidze, Kitty Matchabeli, David Khoshtaria)

In this regard, up to 30 specialists including art historians, philologists, writers, architects, and experts in the fields of theatre, film and fashion are involved in the activities of ATINATI on a daily basis.

The scope of the cultural centre’s work is diverse and combines:

  • Exhibitions, which give artists the opportunity to express themselves and present their works to a wider audience.
  • ATINATI Talks – a series of open conversations with the participation of audience members and field experts, who discuss relevant topical issues together.
  • • And ATINATI’s growing collection, which includes artworks made of different media (paintings, graphic works, ceramics, sculptures, installations, video arts) All the directions of ATINATI are interconnected and pursue the main goal of showing Georgia’s uninterrupted historic development and supporting ongoing contemporary processes.