Tbilisi Architecture Biennial, conceived under the name “What Do We Have in Common''. This way, the event transformed itself into a "Common Architecture Biennial", emerging from Tbilisi but attempting to propagate the concept of "togetherness" far beyond Tbilisi and Georgia's borders. Purpose of the projects has a far-reaching significance that will resonate in the future.

#TAB brings together national and international creatives, architects, urbanists, artists, scholars, and opinion-makers in the field of architecture, urban and critical discourse. During three-week timeframe, #TAB served as a platform for lectures, workshops, symposiums, non-stop streamed dialogues, digital projects, installations, exhibitions, publications & physical projects in Tbilisi, Berlin, Milan, London, Kyiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Dnipro, Warsaw.

The impact of COVID-19 raises new questions about the role of common spaces. #TAB is turning newly emerged restrictions into opportunities and realizing the Biennial almost exclusively on a virtual platform (, where geographic limitations become irrelevant. The reinvented Biennial aims to become a voice, which can be spread even further to reach out to more people globally.