“This film is a revelation, a moment of authentic cinema that fills the screen with flames.”- Italian filmmaker, Lucas Guadanino on “Beginning”. Guadanino served as a jury president at San Sebastián International Film Festival 2020, where Kulumbegashvili's debut feature got the Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay & and Best Actress awards, making her the first filmmaker from Georgia to have won several major prizes of A List film festival. "Beginning" was initially premiered at Toronto International Film Festival, winning the FIPRESCI Prize. Following San Sebastian triumph it also received awards at Trieste, Singapore and other festivals. The idea of the film came from Kulumbegashvili's real life experience and relashions the her relatives and family friends: “I was thinking about how your beliefs and personal decisions can change your position in the society, where you grew up and consider your home. I had the same questions about my own life, about alienation, what it means to go far from your place and come back after awhile.- she says. “Beginning” – a festival favorite debut drama by Dea Kulumbegashvili.