#Glimpseingallery - The exhibition has borrowed its name - “HEKATE” - from Greek mythology: Legend has it that during a shower of shooting stars, when the moon was ringed with coronae, a goddess with unique powers was born. HEKATE, using her mysterious powers, cures the sick with plant potions while murdering the healthy. Georgian artist Sopho Mamaladze (b. 2001) is based in Tbilisi and Berlin. According to the artist’s perception, Hekate’s mystery is reflected as the oneness of an infinite, sun-colored line, while azure blue and insoluble black reveal the transcendent and terrifying nature of this mythical character. The artworks, which are depicted on black baize, evoke the impression of textile, and focus on the unity of color, form and texture through which Hekate’s mysterious and belligerent character is rendered. The artworks on display at ATINATI’S exhibition space were created especially for this show, and bring together different media. Host of the Exhibition: ATINATI’S Cultural Centre Presenter of the Exhibition: The Ria Keburia Foundation Music: Koka Mamaladze