Oleg Timchenko’s exhibition entitled “Diagonal 13” is a project that was specially created for the space of Dimitri Shevardnadze National Gallery. The central theme revolves around the circus. The tragic destinies of dwarves and clowns, concealed behind the grandeur of royal courts of the past or the enchanting circus arena, have inspired artists throughout history, from Velázquez to Fellini. These masterpieces of creative thought encourage us to ponder not only the fates of individuals but also broader themes of humanism and, simultaneously, human cruelty. In this solo exhibition, Oleg Timchenko portrays the circus theme through various stylistic series that already have become familiar in his career. Consequently, the artist’s new collection for this exhibition appears as a “stylistic retrospective.” Oleg Timchenko (1957) is one of the founders and active members of the avant-garde group, The 10th Floor, in the 1980s and early 1990s. During the Perestroika period, the artists united in the group reexamined postmodern art and reflected it in their own context. Alongside their artistic responses to contemporary issues, Oleg Timchenko’s works consistently incorporate themes from history and literature, romantic-symbolic visions, and fairy-tale series infused with humour. Host of the exhibition: National Gallery