'Tooth Decay in Paris' is Beso Uznadze’s (1968) solo exhibition. In the works of Beso Uznadze, the relationship between existence and absence is manifested in a deep and complex ontology. The artist creates an expansive psychographic map where various states such as trauma, fear, frustration, alienation, or impurity are described. This creation appears to be mediated and approaches the absurd forms of existence. However, it is actually preceded by a number of complex subtexts and emotional backgrounds that define its creative context. Whether addressing migration, identity issues, or acute political and social backgrounds, the main starting point seems to be freeing oneself from concentrated information all at once. He studied documentary photography in Tbilisi School of Photography Sepia, later he continued his education in photojournalism in London. Since 2000 he has worked in England (London). Similarly to his photos Uznadze manages to have an invisible link with his paintings. The artist manages to project his emotional vulnerability to the canvas, which becomes reachable for the viewer when observing his paintings. He often experiments and creates a visual narrative with the synthesis of mixed painting technique and photo media. Beso Uznadze participates in many international exhibitions, art fairs, international projects and competitions. Host of the exhibition: Gallery Artbeat