#Glimpseingallery - Kako Topuria’s work focuses on unified figurative motifs, which draw attention owing to their positioning. His system of hieroglyphic-lettrist images is created through the application of a single formula of abstraction, which transforms the diversity of the characters in such a way that it is impossible to unravel their specific elements. Thanks to their hieratic figurativeness, conditional facial expressions and undifferentiated appearance, these characters resemble archaic idols. These are modern idols that are completely free of any mystical context. Figures with the appearance of "toys' ' are moving in a conventional environment like puppets, demonstrating ironic and childish emotions and parodied bodies. They represent the drama of the modern world – the interpretation of which begins with the death of the gods, and is shown through the neglect of personal differentiation and individual qualities, executed with the help of symbolic and allegorical elements. With colorful frescoes, the palimpsest culture of performance, deformed figurativeness, iconic imagery and the reflection of movement, the artist offers the audience an engaging and original version of the cultural mythology that is precipitated in the vast space of the modern world. Host of the exhibition: Baia Gallery