#Glimpseingallery - “Children in Georgian Painting” is the exhibition dedicated to Children’s Day. It is a retrospective exhibition of paintings and graphic works on the theme of children from the collection of the Shalva Amiranashvili State Museum of Art of Georgia. Keeping pace with the chronicles of human fine art, the history of Georgian art comprises a unique collection of children’s images, created by both Georgian and foreign artists residing in Georgia. Such as Niko Pirosmani, David Kakabadze, Shalva Kikodze, Vasili Shukhaevi, Mose Toidze, Ketevan Maghalashvili and etc. Most of the works are shown for the first time. The exhibition commemorating the International Day of Children’s Protection serves as another reminder to society that children are always important symbols of the world, and the elder generation must provide a secure environment for them. The exhibition organized by the “International Children’s Fund” aims to showcase the evolving public understanding of the unique phenomenon of children and childhood in fine art. Host of the exhibition: The Sighnaghi Museum of History and Ethnography