Merab Surviladze (მერაბ სურვილაძე - 1965) - since graduating from Tbilisi State Art Academy in the 1990s, Georgian artist has resided in Brussels, Belgium. His artistic career has been particularly active over the past ten years, with solo and group exhibitions in Tbilisi (the Museum of Literature, Hobby Gallery (2010), Art Palace (2017)), Luxembourg (European Commission, 2014), Brussels (Eurocontrol, 2013), and London (THE OTHER ART FAIR, Victoria House, 2018) as well as participation in group shows and art fairs in Brussels (Art Truc Troc & Design 2019, BOZAR). His early works were figurative-expressive, but in recent years he has been focused on abstractions with sculptural insertions, which have become his trademark and earned him especial popularity.