George Kekelidze

Giorgi Kekelidze (გიორგი კეკელიძე), born April 10, 1984, is a Georgian poet, essayist, and the founder of the first Georgian digital library. 

Since March 2012, he has been the General Director of the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia. 

Born in Ozurgeti, Giorgi Kekelidze graduated from the Department of Philology at Tbilisi State University with a master's degree in Humanitarian Sciences. From 2006 to 2008 he worked at Rustavi Penal Institution as a teacher of Georgian language and literature. 

Since 2009, he has presented various literary-critical programs on different radio stations.

Since 2017, Giorgi Kekelidze has been a full professor of Georgian Language and Literature. 

His poems are translated into English, Russian and Azeri languages. He is listed in the Azeri anthology of Georgian poets.