Tea Tabatadze

Thea Tabatadze (თეა ტაბატაძე) is a Doctor of Art History, Chief Scientist at the Tbilisi State Art Academy’s Faculty of Restoration/Conservation, Art History and Theory, and Scientist-lecturer at the George Chubinashvili National Research Center for Art History and Monument Protection. She is a Visiting Professor at the Free University’s Visual Arts, Architecture & Design School (VA[A]DS). Tabatadze was recipient of a grant from the Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program in 2011-2012. Her field of scientific research focuses on modern and contemporary Georgian art. Thea Tabatadze is the author of one monograph and various scientific articles, a participant in international and local scientific conferences, a regular participant in local and international scientific and artistic projects, a founder and board member of the non-governmental organization Arts Interdisciplinary Research Lab (AIRL), as well as being a member of ICOM.