David Koroshinadze

Dato Koroshinadze (დავით კოროშინაძე) is an art historian, critic and curator. He graduated from the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts in 2021. His Master’s thesis “Light Theory and Bioaesthetics in David Kakabadze’s Works” connects classical and new methodological aspects through modernist studies. He was elected as curator of the “Fest I Nova” from 2020 to the present. His works, articles and projects cover a wide range of modernist and contemporary paradigms, from analyses of Pirosmani’s works to post-industrial urban phenomena. He is chief editor of “Journal” („ჟურნალი“), which is published periodically and is focused on visual studies in contemporary culture. In his lectures, public talks and critical writings he builds bridges between art, architecture, the image, and a lived aesthetic experience.