Aka Morchiladze

Aka Morchiladze (აკა მორჩილაძე) was born on 10 November, in 1966. He is the most outstanding and widely recognized literary critic and writer in contemporary Georgian literature. Giorgi Akhvlediani chose Aka Morchiladze as his pen name, under which he has authored some of the best-selling prose of post-Soviet Georgian literary fiction. Morchiladze's work shows the reorientation of early 21st-century Georgian literature towards Western influences. Morchiladze lived in London for 10 years, during which time he analyzed and illustrated Georgian phenomena from an outsider’s point of view. Morchiladze has won numerous literary prizes in Georgia, and his works have been published in several countries, including Germany, Italy, Serbia, Mexico, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Egypt, USA, Sweden, Azerbaijan, and Switzerland.